How Much Do Kitchen Cabinets Cost?

The Cost of kitchen Cabinets.

Thinking of remodeling your kitchen? If so, the kitchen cabinets will be one of the main expenses and it makes sense to try and get the best bargain possible. 

While obtaining a low price for kitchen cabinets is great, you also want to ensure that the quality is good enough and it can be a balancing act between cost and quality. 

So, how much do kitchen cabinets really cost? Let’s take a look at what you can expect to spend…

Price of kitchen cabinets. 

If you are looking to install new kitchen cabinets, without any labor or installation costs you can expect to pay anything in the region of $2,500 to $24,000. 

As you can see, this is a very wide price range but if you want attractive and decent quality ones, bank on spending at least $6000 – $8000. 

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Why is there such a cost difference between cabinets?

When planning the cost of your kitchen remodeling, you will no doubt notice that there is a wide variation in cabinet prices. 

Kitchen cabinets are priced according to their quality, materials, construction, customization options and where you decide to buy them from. 

Generally speaking, you can pick up lower priced kitchen cabinets at the big box stores as they sell these in bulk and they are uniform in style, color and material. 

How do I find the right kitchen cabinets for my needs? 

Price should not be the only factor you consider when choosing the right kitchen cabinets for your needs. 

Try and pick out cabinets that you know you will love looking at every day and ones that suit the style of your home. They should also offer you the right kind of storage solutions and you should be happy with the color, material and finishes. 

A good way to start is to think about what you are willing to spend on kitchen cabinets. Remember that the higher your budget is, the better the quality is likely  to be and the more likely you’ll be to be able to personalize them. 

Deciding on big box store kitchen cabinets or custom cabinets. 

As mentioned, big box stores (like Home Depot and Lowes) offer well-priced kitchen cabinets but sacrifice on quality. If you know you will be happy with a standard kitchen upgrade with little room for customization, buying cabinets from a big box store may be your best option, but they also come with an array of problems standing up to the normal wear and tear daily usage takes.

Kitchen cabinets at the lower end of the price range (while they are an upgrade) can sometimes look cheap and nasty so be sure to exercise caution when shopping at a big box store. 

If you would prefer cabinets that are more unique, offer excellent workmanship and can be customized in many ways, we recommend opting for custom kitchen cabinets. The Cabinet Factory offers both quality and affordability.

When comparing prices, note that kitchen cabinet prices are based on the average price per linear foot. Below is a comparison between cabinets from a big box store and ones that are customized. 

Big box store kitchen cabinets.

Shopping for kitchen cabinets at a big box store, you would pay between $2,500 and $12,500 per 20 linear feet. 

Cabinet Factory has special discounts and pricing making us comparable in price to the cheaper big box store cabinets.

Custom kitchen cabinets. 

Custom kitchen cabinets are considered to be high end and better quality. As such, their prices range from $8,000 to $30,000 per 20 linear feet. 

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Why should I consider custom kitchen cabinets?

There are many advantages to opting for custom kitchen cabinets instead of run-of-the-mill ones from a big box store. 

You can always order your cabinets from an online retailer such as cabinets-to-go, if you would like a pallet of wood delivered to your door, but you better have carpenter skills and not expect to make any returns.

Custom kitchen cabinets come in beautiful finishes and styles to enhance the look of your home in a unique way. Since you can customize the look, size and functionality of the cabinets, the end result is a kitchen that looks classy, stylish and is a joy to use. 

Custom kitchen cabinets are all-wood cabinets and designed to last. Plus they hold their value on a re-sale.

In addition, you get the services of a specialist kitchen designer who can make recommendations and can give you advice on what would look and work the best for your kitchen. 

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