Granite And Quartz Countertops – Exquisite Beauty In Your Kitchen

Did you know that granite and quartz countertops are one of the most timeless and classic features in a kitchen? 

Quartz and granite never seems to go out of fashion, and there are good reasons for this! 

Let’s take a look at why they continue to enjoy so much popularity and why they are a favorite with Cabinet Factory team members: 

Granite and Quartz Come In A Wide Range of Colors and Styles

When browsing Cabinet Factory’s extensive range of quartz and granite countertops, you’ll probably notice that we have an almost endless variety of patterns, colors and styles. 

From beautiful dark and deep shades, to intricately patterned lighter hues, with granite and quartz, you’ll be sure to find a countertop that you fall in love with, and one that suits your kitchen perfectly. 

Granite and quartz countertops look even better in person and impressive internet photos do not do them justice. If you’re interested in having a look at some granite or quartz countertops for your kitchen, feel free to drop by in our Wilmington showroom!  

They Are Incredibly Durable 

Granite and quartz are naturally very durable and hard surfaces. This makes them hardwearing and longlasting, perfect for busy kitchens with a lot of activity. 

Investing in quartz or granite for your countertops means that you can be assured that you’ll enjoy an attractive kitchen work surface for decades to come. 

Quartz and Granite Offer Excellent Heat and Stain Resistance

Traditional kitchen countertops, such as wood or melamine, cannot withstand heat effectively and care should be taken to minimize stains. 

With granite and quartz, however, you can worry far less about heat damage or stains, making them far more functional. 

It’s Completely Natural! 

Occurring naturally, granite and quartz contain no harmful chemicals or substances. 

If you’re a parent or you are worried about exposing your family or pets to health hazards in the home, granite or quartz should be your top consideration.