Comparing Kitchen Cabinets

Chinese Tariffs and “Big Box Store” Kitchen Cabinets

If you are in the home remodeling business, you may have noticed the price increase and longer wait times for kitchen cabinets from big box stores such as Home Depot and Lowes. This has been caused by the tariffs and restrictions affecting all products coming out of China. If you are a consumer, you probably thought that these big box store cabinets were manufactured right here in the USA. Wrong! 

The stock cabinets available in these big box stores are often poorly manufactured, contain hidden blemishes and defects, and have been known to have chemical off-gassing for glues and binding agents. Not to mention they lack long term durability. 

These “cheaper” kitchen cabinets are not only “cheaply” made, but the prices often make them more expensive than solid wood, American made cabinets. The Cabinet Factory always suggest that you compare both pricing and quality. We think you will be in for a big surprise when you compare these stores product to Us. Not only are our all wood, and American made kitchen cabinets competitively priced, built to your specifications, they also bring much more value. 

One of the things at the top of any home buyers list is the kitchen. Our wood cabinets are beautiful, more reliable, more durable, and are a high selling point for realtors. 

Please stop into one of our showrooms for an informed designer consultation and to the penny price quote. (no hidden fees) We definitely come in much more affordable when comparing both value and craftsmanship to the Big Box Stores.  

We are family owned and operated since 1980 so you deal directly with the “family”. All of our cabinets are American made and made from only the finest quality materials available. We also have granite and quartz countertops.

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